Mauritius is a successful leading regional financial centre. The Mauritius International Financial Centre is home to multinational companies, global investment funds, international banks, legal professionals and the big four audit firms.

The main benefits of using Mauritius as an International Financial Centre are:

  • A network of Double Tax Avoidance Agreements (DTAAs)
  • Signed Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (IPPAs) with a large number of jurisdictions. IPPAs are international bilateral agreements between governments which aim at protecting and encouraging overseas investments made by Mauritian companies
  • Mauritius is the leading offshore jurisdiction for the fund domicile targeting Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Member of the major trading blocs in Africa, including the Southern African Development Community, Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa and Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Cooperation, providing free market access for goods and services
  • Well- regulated banking sector including presence of international banks
  • No foreign exchange control allowing for free flows of capital funds without central bank approval
  • Ultimate court of appeal is the Judicial Committee if the Privy Council in the United Kingdom
  • Modern and investor friendly legal and regulatory framework
  • Time zone: (GMT+4) providing convenient service to Asian, European and American clients
  • Excellent telecommunication infrastructure connected to the Southern Africa-Far East Fibre Optic network & Lower Indian Ocean Network
  • A conducive and politically stable environment for doing business
  • Among the first African countries to sign the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act
  • World Economic Forum- Global Competitiveness Report: No .1 in Africa & 46th globally
  • World Bank Ease of Doing Business: No. 1 in Africa and 32nd Globally
  • Forbes Best Countries for Business: 29th Globally
  • Moody’s credit rating: BAA1 stable

Mauritius as a Domicile for your Regional Headquarter and Treasury Centre:

  • 8-year and a 5-year tax holiday applicable to companies holding a Global Headquarters Administration licence and Global Treasury Activities licence, respectively
  • A network of 46 signed DTAAs
  • Signed IPPAs with 28 jurisdictions
  • Access to major trading blocs totalling some 600 million customers
  • Availability of a bilingual pool of professionals at a competitive cost
  • Ability to employ expatiates
  • Possibility to purchase property by foreigners
  • A well-regulated banking sector with leading international players
  • An efficient tax system: no withholding tax on dividends, interest, capital gains tax and royalties
  • No foreign exchange control, free flows of capital funds
  • Free repatriation of capital and profits